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Ann M. Escobar

Ann M. Escobar

Financial Advisor

My path toward a career as a Financial Advisor started when my husband and I were newly married and became clients of Waddell & Reed. Having a Financial Advisor gave us the tools we needed to understand and navigate the changes in our finances as we traveled through the seasons of our lives - marriage, having children, buying a house, changing careers and loss of parents. Our Financial Advisor let us know that we weren't alone on our journey. The value that our advisor added to our lives inspired me to pursue a career as a Financial Advisor so that I might be able to help other people understand their financial decisions as well.

My goal is to become a partner with my clients to help them gain clarity of their financial picture and assist them on their financial journey throughout the seasons of their lives, whether they are just starting out, retiring soon or are planning their legacy.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from San Jose State University. Prior to Waddell & Reed, I was a Packaging Design Engineer working for companies such as Applied Materials, Tharco, Syntex and Hunt-Wesson. Working in the packaging industry taught me valuable skills which enable me to assist my clients in assessing their financial concerns and goals from an analytical perspective while coming up with creative solutions to address their financial needs.

I also spent several years as a stay-at-home mom, which taught me valuable skills such as functioning on very little sleep, juggling the simultaneous demands of a toddler and infant, memorizing catchy tunes like the Bananaphone song and the art of negotiating with unruly, but tiny despots. In other words, the toughest job I ever loved!

During my off hours I enjoy hanging out with my husband, two teenagers and our dog, as well as bike riding, running, reading blogs, watching movies, puzzles, organizing my closets and socializing (i.e. wine tasting) with friends.


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